A few words from our customers.

Leroy Holding

“Not only did the Halo deliver us immediate savings, but there is well-established industry data that shows the potential impact on our tire maintenance costs year after year.”

John Campese
Director of Maintenance, Leroy Holding
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“TLX invests in technologies that deliver a strong ROI, which is why Halo is a standard spec in our fleet. Reduced downtime, due to under-inflation alone, makes the Halo an obvious choice for TLX.”

Jerry Carlton
President, TLX Trucking
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Greenbush Logistics Inc

“We haven't seen any drive tire issues on our trucks equipped with Halo. Running Halo resulted in longer tire life.”

Heath Griffith
Director of Maintenance, Greenbush Logistics, Inc
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Hub Group

“The Halo Tire Inflator installs seamlessly and is virtually maintenance-free. Halo is the best tire inflation solution available.”

Cory Beard
Senior Director, Fleet Maintenance, Hub Group, Inc
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C&S Wholesale Grocers

“We’ve measured a 1.5% increase in fuel economy since outfitting our fleet with the Halo Tire Inflator. Early test data also indicates enhanced tire wear performance. It is clear to see why we trust Halo to optimize our entire fleet program.”

Christopher Trajkovski
Vice President, Transportation, Fleet Maintenance & Assets, C&S Wholesale Grocers
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“One of the biggest benefits that I have seen is fewer road calls from our drivers due to a major tire event. Our number one goal is safety and Halo helps us accomplish that.”

Frank Young
President, B-H Transfer
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“Landair made Halo standard on all new trucks and we've seen a 5% increase in fuel efficiency and double-digit improvement in tire life, and that is due to Halo keeping our tires at optimal inflation.”

Matt Duncan
Director of Maintenance and Procurement, Landair
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“Halo is as close to a zero-maintenance product as you can get…”

Scott Perry
Chief Technology & Procurement Officer at Ryder
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“Proper tire inflation is extremely important when running wide-base single tires. We specify the Halo Tire Inflator on all of our tractors to reduce the likelihood of tire failure, optimize fuel economy, and ensure safe stopping distances.”

Brian Kinsey
“The HALO system maintained enough pressure to stay ahead of a leaking tire... preventing an expensive road call for a tire, and rim."

Chris Garner
Fleet Service Manager
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Hundreds of prominent fleets have tested and deployed Halo across the US and Canada. See how Halo can save you money and so much more.

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See how HALO has boosted efficiency, tire life and more of Regional fleets below.

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